Please join us for a webinar and roundtable with an exciting panel of discussants as we discuss our goals and plans for HIG: the Society of Architectural Historians Historic Interiors Affiliate Group. What is a Historic Interior? October 21, 2020, 11-1:30pm (CST)                                                                                    Anca Lasc and Paula Lupkin, moderators Panelists: Tara Dudley, University of Texas at Austin William Littmann, California College of the Arts StevenRead More →

The SAH Historic Interiors Affiliate Group (HIG) invites you to attend its first annual New Research Symposium: Interiors and their Histories. Established in 2020, HIG is an Affiliate Group of the Society of Architectural Historians dedicated to the study of historic interiors. The symposium is the first in an annual program designed to showcase the research of emerging scholars from around the world and across a variety of disciplines including design, preservation, history and education. The event will take place via a live Zoom webinar on May 21st, 12:00–3:30 PM Eastern Time (ET). Registration is free and open to the public. Webinar registration: Program: Exhibiting interiors / interior exhibitionsRead More →

This symposium, sponsored by the SAH Historic Interiors Affiliate Group (HIG), will bring together Emerging Scholars and early-career professionals from across the globe to discuss digitality in relation to the study and practice of historic interiors. The shift to virtual work and learning in response to the COVID-19 pandemic has provoked lively debate among scholars and students about the benefits, and risks, of substituting digital platforms for built space. More sustained attention is required, however, to assess the impact of digital media on interiors as a discipline—particularly where the interiors involved predate digitization as either a resource or a methodology. Addressing a wide range ofRead More →