Emerging Scholars Working Committee: Lauren Drapala, Vanessa Vanden Berghe and Michelle Jackson Beckett Mission: To foster exchange among and showcase the work of Emerging Scholars in the field of historic interiors broadly defined, encompassing current graduate students and early-career professionals within 5 years of completion of a terminal degree. Goals:   This committee primarily serves the interests of graduate students and recent graduates interested in the research, interpretation and analysis of historic interior spaces. There is a lot of opportunity to explore various research topics, platforms for exchange and networking. For three years running, this committee has planned, organized and hosted a virtual Annual New ResearchRead More →

HIG Event, Friday, October 21, 2022 Moderator: Jennifer Kaufmann-Buhler, HIG Research Committee At SAH 2022 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, HIG President Paula Lupkin presented a paper based on extensive research into the historiography of interiors in several major scholarly journals, including the Journal of the Society of Architectural Historians, the Journal of Design History, and Winterthur Portfolio. The Historic Interiors Affiliate Group of the Society of Architectural Historians (HIG) and its Research Committee invite you to participate in an online working session to examine new research on the history of interiors. At this session participants will discuss and analyze the research and findings of her paperRead More →

2022 Conference Guide compiled by the HIG Events & Conferences Committee The program for the Society of Architectural Historians 2022 Annual Meeting, held in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, included several events of interest to HIG members. In April 2022 HIG’s Events & Conferences Committee provided a detailed guide to the conference. Those who were planning to attend the SAH 2022 Conference were invited to download a guide compiled by the HIG Events and Conferences Committee to highlight sessions of interest to HIG members. These included:Read More →

SAH-HIG-The Historic Interiors Affiliate Group, invites its members and scholars of medieval art and architecture to submit proposals for its second HIG-organized session at the Society of Architectural Historians in Montreal in April 2023.  Its focus, on material culture and medieval church interiors, expands our group’s consideration of the history of the interior beyond the modern period. The deadline for the submission of proposals is June 7, 2022. https://www.sah.org/2023/call-for-papers Material Religion Through the Sacred Interior Following the Protestant Reformation, clerics and church officials stripped the interior spaces of many western medieval churches of their polychromy, textiles, choir screens, side altars, and sculptures, fundamentally changing theRead More →