Active members of HIG may participate in the work of the following working committees: Research, Events & Conferences, Communications, Emerging Scholars, and Pedagogy. Each committee shall annually solicit applications from the general HIG membership as well as from non-HIG members, as needed. Committees shall determine their own agenda, bylaws and activities, with the approval of the Executive Committee and Advisory Board.

2023-2024 Working Committees

Communications Committee

Mission: to maintain the following platforms to facilitate HIG membership and participation in activities: SAH-HIG WordPress site, SAH Commons group site, SAH Opportunities.

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Current Members: Jennifer Komar Olivarez, Fredie Floré

Emerging Scholars Committee

Mission: to foster exchange among and showcase the work of Emerging Scholars in the field of historic interiors broadly defined, encompassing current graduate students and early-career professionals within 5 years of completion of a terminal degree.

Current Members: Lauren Drapala

Events & Conferences Committee

Mission: to support scholarly exchange in the field of historic interiors and to help build community across disciplines and time zones by organizing regular events.

Current Members: Timothy M. Rohan, Imogen Hart, Angelica Ponzio

Pedagogy Committee

Mission: to provide a forum for discussion about teaching the history of interiors, as well as to document, support, and advance pedagogy initiatives in the field.

Current Members: William Littmann, Karen R. White, Olivier Vallerand, Tara Dudley, Katherine Papineau, Solmaz Kive, Karyn Zieve, Sara Reed

Research Committee

Mission: to document, support, discuss, and advance research initiatives in the interdisciplinary field of historic interiors.

Current Members: Jennifer Kaufmann-Buhler, Meral Ekincioglu, Paola Ardizzola, Cameron Macdonell, Michelle Jackson-Beckett, Nasim Shiasi, Marta Peixoto, Eva Storgaard, Elizabeth Carroll