The fourth annual Interior Provocations symposium, Memory, held via Zoom Webinar on February 27, 2021 and co-hosted by Ryerson University and Pratt Institute, includes  papers addressing the broad cultural, historical, and theoretical implications of memory with regard to the practice and scholarship of interior design. Memories, both individual and collective, conspire to give the interior its central place in our collective and individual experiences. Interior memories can be somatic, semantic, and can be measured; they are spun from scents, sounds, textures, traces, and visual cues as well as from more structured, text-based knowledge. As such, interiors offer a unique entry point in grappling with, as well as challenging, questions of memory precisely because both memory and interiors exceed that which can be named and, instead, move towards that which can only be experienced. Scholars and designers both have attempted to capture the ways in which memories mutually activate and constitute interior spaces, which function as infinitely transformable, time traveling vessels of memory and experience.

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